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Recommended Books

Greetings ParkSurfer! Hope you enjoyed the stories, poems, and writing here. If you are interested in reading further here are some Zen, Sufi, Poetry, and related books I recommend...

  • A Book Of Wisdom And Lies - Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani - translated by Katharine Vivian
  • Avicenna And The Visionary Recital - Henry Corbin
  • Holy Fire: Nine Visionary Poets And The Quest For Enlightenment - edited by Daniel Halpern
  • Ibn Al'Arabi: The Bezels Of Wisdom - translated by R.W.J. Austin
  • Memoirs Of Saints - Fariduddin Attar - translated by Bankey Behari
  • Muslim Saints And Mystics - Farid Al-Din Attar - translated by A.J. Arberry
  • Mysticism: A Study And An Anthology - F.C. Happold
  • Sadi: The Rose Garden - translated by Edward B. Eastwick
  • Sufi: Expressions Of The Mystic Quest - Laleh Bakhtiar
  • Sufism: The Alchemy Of The Heart - introduced by Muhammad Isa Waley
  • Tales From The Land Of The Sufis - Mojdeh Bayat & Mohammad Ali Jamnia
  • Tales Of The Dervishes - by Idries Shah
  • Tales Of Mystic Meaning - Reynold A. Nicholson
  • Teachings Of Hafiz - translated by Gertrude Bell
  • Teachings Of Rumi: The Masnavi - translated by E.H. Whinfield
  • Teachings Of The Buddha - edited by Jack Kornfield
  • The Classic Hundred: All-Time Favorite Poems - edited by William Harmon
  • The Conference Of The Birds - Fariduddin Attar - translated by C.S. Nott
  • The Conference Of The Birds - Fariduddin Attar - translated by Afkham Darbandi & Dick Davis
  • The Dictionary Of Mind And Spirit - compiled by Donald Watson
  • The Essential Rumi - translations by Coleman Barks with John Moyne
  • The Game In Reverse - Taslima Nasrin - translated by Carolyne Wright
  • The Hand Of Poetry: Five Mystic Poets Of Persia - lectures by Inayat Khan & translations by Coleman Barks
  • The Hundred Tales Of Wisdom - Idries Shah
  • The Language Of Life - Bill Moyers
  • The Little Book Of Sufi Wisdon - compiled by John Baldock
  • The Pleasantries Of The Incredible Mulla Nasrudin - Idries Shah
  • Women In Praise Of The Sacred: 43 Centuries Of Spiritual Poetry By Women - edited by Jane Hirshfield

Feel free to email your recommendations to be added here.