Human nature is such
that if you sit, they'll say - "No, don't sit!"
If you stand, "What's the matter, walk!"
And if you walk, "Shame on you, sit down!"

If you so much as lie down, they'll bother you - "Get up."
If you don't lie down, no respite, "Lie down for a bit!"

I'm wasting my days getting up and sitting down.
If I'm dying right now, they speak up - "Live."
If they see my living, who knows when
they'll say - "Shame on you, die!"

In tremendous fear I secretly go on living.

Note: The poem above was written by Taslima Nasrin, a Bangladeshi writer and poet. As far as her poetry goes, I think she does a great job of exposing the harsh reality of life as a woman in South Asia. This poem was translated by Carolyne Wright in the book, "The Game In Reverse."

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