Where do I begin to explain
The complexities of my mind
Tossed about as a vessel
Tormented by a stormy sea

Perplexed am I
Lost in thought
Chained and imprisoned
By invisible boundaries
My spirit rises within

The silence of the night
Creates an eerie atmosphere
For dreams, strange dreams
Never envisioned before

The tale is a sad one
Of Ragni and Kanwar
Young eternal lovers
Married in heaven
Perfect pure soulmates

Banished to earth
Each psyche cries out
In the absence of the other
The endless quest has begun
For in it lies their fate

Numerous reincarnations pass
But time the infinite entity
Keeps them a mere touch away
Optimists onwards they trudge
On destiny's chalked trail

The divine power of love
Defies the laws of nature
Drawn closer by a cosmic bond
Ultimately the two become one

With ecstasy as their goal
And union the golden key
The chest of passion unlocks
Flames of desire subside
Nirvana is finally achieved

Awakening from a deep trance
In a state of celestial bliss
Confused I wonder where I am
And where my soulmate is?

- -  © zensufi