I sing the song of equality, in unison
Where all the differences and barriers are gone.
United where, the Hindus-Buddhist, Muslim-Christian
I sing the song of equality, in unison.
Are you parsic? Jain? Jews? Santal, Veel, Garo?
Confucian? Charvakist? Go ahead say more!
In your brain, on your back and shoulder
You carry, whatever you like, the book or scripture
Zendavesta-Granth Sahib, read you like whatever
Why this futile labour, taking pain in brain?
For what reason, is this bargain?
Watch, the road side flowers, time and again.
Within you, all the scriptures and knowledge, of all time are there
Friend, you will find all of them, just open your heart with care.
All the religions are within you and the preceptor
Your heart is the world temple, of the God all over.
Why do you search, for the God and Goddess, among the dead-book-skeleton
Smiling he is, just behind the screen of your nectar-heart alone
Friends, I did not tell a lie.
Here, all the crowns, drop and die.
In this heart, that Mountain, Kashi, Brindabon, Mathura
Jerusalem, Kaba, Madina, Buddha-Gaya.
Mosque is this, temple is this, church is this heart
Just here! Jesus and Moses knew the truth, not in desert.
The Flute-kid, sang the holy Geeta, at this war field
The sheepheard Prophets, became the God's friends, in this green field.
Sitting in meditation, at this heart-cave, Buddha gave up the throne
Hearing the call, of mankind's wail and groan.
The Arab-Darling, received the message, from this cavern
Just sitting here, he sang the song of equality, of the holy Quran.
Didn't listen a lie dear!
There is no temple or mosque greater-
Than this heart in compare.

Note: The poem above was written by Nazrul, a famous Bangladeshi poet. Most of his poems are sung to a simple tune and called, Nazrul Geetis or Nazrul Songs. This poem was translated from Bengali by Rezaul Karim Talukdar.

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