(It Was Like A Stream)

It was like a stream
running into the dry bed
of a lake,

like rain
pouring on plants
parched to sticks.

It was like this world's pleasure
and the way to the other,
walking toward me.

Seeing the feet of the master,
O lord white as jasmine,
I was made

Note: The poem above was written by Mahadeviyakka, a Kannada poet who lived in the 12th century. From the age of ten she was a disciple of Shiva and choose the path of Oneness. She was forced to marry a local ruler, but left him to once again take up the life of an ecstatic. In her poems she refers to Shiva as her White Jasmine Lord. She died in her twenties. This poem was translated by A.K. Ramanujan in the book, " Women in Praise of the Sacred" edited by Jane Hirshfield.


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