When A Lioness Loves A Mouse

I am a lioness
trapped between two
the claws of a hawk
the jaws of a wolf
let me get to my lion!

I am a lioness
wounded by two
the thorns of a bush
the sting of a bee
let me smell the roses!

I am a lioness
who cried twice
at the loss of my mouse
at the end of my dream
let me stop this pain!

I am a lioness
I roar, protect, love, soothe
my darling flee your opened cage
express your unchained heart
let us get a glimpse of paradise!

I am a lioness
who was injured and healed by a lion
who once questioned that mouse
why do you prefer the taste of poison
why do you not break down the gate
why do you not pick love over hate
why do you crave the touch of tension
the lioness questions the mouse no more
perhaps actions speak for the best
let this senseless lioness rest!

Note: The poem above was written for those who think a lioness can love a mouse. Not gonna happen pal!


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