If God be within the mosque, then
to whom does this world belong?

If Ram be within the image which you
find upon your pilgrimage, then
who is there to know what happens

Hari is in the East: Allah is in the
West. Look with your heart,
for there you will find both Karim
and Ram;

All the men and women of the world
are His living forms.
Kabir is the child of Allah and of Ram:
He is my Guru, He is my Pir.

Note: Born in Benares around 1440 to Muslim parents, Kabir became a disciple of Ramananda, a Hindu ascetic. His poetry depicts the influence of both religions on him. He was a weaver by profession, but in the eyes of his followers he was both, a Sufi and a Brahman saint. The poem above was taken from, "Songs of Kabir" translated from the Hindi by Rabindranath Tagore.

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