The man behind the mask
Moves swiftly across the room
Lost in the vastness
Only his eyes are revealed

Eyes I have never seen before
Dark as the darkest night
Yet lumious like the moon
Piercing, lucid, and wise

A piece of perfection
I envy the creator
An image of beauty
Ornamental delight

What I see in his eyes
Is beyond every imagination
He is more than a man
For I see depth and meaning

Perhaps a Greek god
Come to join us for the night
Please linger on a while
So I can capture a closer glimpse
Of my captor with those eyes

Behold them together
Like two magnets
The attraction is intense
Weakened by their power
Success is theirs alone

I am swimming in their clarity
Visible from afar
Appalled at their simplicity
Absent in other's eyes
Majestic, remote, and extreme

Playing with my mind
Voicing my emotions
His eyes have seized me
I must relay a reply
Before the night departs

Space, time, and society
The only existing barriers
Bar my advancement
So I cherish each moment
Quietly in my heart

Note: I wrote this poem when I was 21 as a present for a friend. While writing it, I had the story of Mozart's life in mind, in particular, the mascarade scene where everyone is wearing a mask at the party.

- -  © zensufi