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Blog: Rediscovering The Skipping Rope
Hallo... there I was in the gym on my somewhat usual treadmill run feeling like a hamster, when my eyes caught something I had not seen in decades. This long white thing with two wooden handles at the ends was a rare sight for me.

"Oh wow, it that a skipping rope?" the question shouted in my head while my eyes must have appeared larger than normal. I stopped the boring treadmill and made a bee-line for the skipping rope. Taking it in my hands, I found some empty space and proceeded to jump. 1, 2, 3... 28, 29, 30! It felt delightful and brought back childhood memories long misplaced.

The rediscovery of the skipping rope has set me on a different exercise track. It has also given me something to think about... why pay $25-$100 per month on a gym membership, when you can buy a $5 skipping rope that cuts the mustard just as well? Maybe we have been spoilt by the jacuzzi and sauna, huh?

February 11th, 2005