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Blog: Flying To Titan
Hallo... finally Huygens (the probe) landed on Titan (Saturn's largest of 33 moons) and sent us back images of another fascinating world! Would love to move to a different planet or moon and experience it, but I think I will take a pass on Titan as it is less than minus 250 degrees! A bit too cold for my warm blood. I wonder if moons are better to live on versus planets.

Imagine a futuristic dinner invitation... "Come on over for dinner! I live in Sector 4, Muddy Fluid Lake, Titan, Saturn, Milky Way which is a few planets away from Venus. Oh and by the way, you will be several years older by the time to get to my house for dinner, so let's make an appointment now and don't forget to wear your super warm down jumpsuit!"

Check out: NASA on Saturn

January 19th, 2005