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Blog: Thinking Outside The Jar
Hallo... so, this little kid I know comes up to me with a smile on his face and says, "I have a riddle for you. When is a door not a door?" He sure got me thinking, because how can a door not be a door? Is this a zen koan that might take me a lifetime to figure out? I threw some answers at the kiddie, but got loud, "NOs!" in return, so gave in for the sake of a lower decibel.

Then he says, "Give up? A door is not a door when it is AJAR! Get it? Ajar as in - a jar! As in a cookie jar!" Yah, he got me there, so I decided to change one of my mottos from 'thinking outside the box' to 'thinking outside the jar'. Cookie jar, jam jar, peanut butter and jelly jar, it does not matter, just outside the jar. So I am off to be creative and explore the unknown. Are you outside the jar yet?

January 5th, 2005