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Blog: Some Humans Equal Chickens
Hallo... I don't have to say much here as the image below is self-explanatory or, is it? This image shows chickens watching a chicken being roasted and that is construed as a 'Horror Movie' per the caption. However, if we replace chickens with humans what would that be construed as? Inhumanity? Un-human? Animal-like? Pure Evil?

What makes humans different from chickens? We have been told, a higher level of functioning and brain power differentiates human-kind from animal-kind. Okay, so then why do humans roast (a.k.a. hurt) humans all the time? Well, they don't literally throw them in a grill like in the image here, but humans find ways to roast each other. E.g.: politics, corporate world, at home, at work... I am sure you get my drift.

Perhaps we should call humans who roast humans, 'chickens'? However, the word 'chicken' connotes a 'coward'. So, by logical deduction we deduce => Humans Who Hurt Humans = Cowards. Makes sense? Not quite.

Well, a coward is one who shows fear in the face of danger or pain. In this case, the chicken/coward/human instills pain on the good human, which leads us to deduce => Cowards Fear Pain And Cause Pain. Makes better sense now, huh? After all, it is all about logic and semantics rather than about humans and chickens! Bottom line: don't cause pain to fellow humans.

April 6th, 2005