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Zensufi: Blindone's Request

Am I blind?
But it can't be
You say there is color
Which I can't see

This color of yours
 To me is black only
For your descriptions are vague
Only a blurred notion

If color exists and people too
I would prefer not knowing you
Leave me alone in my world of light
Where happiness does prevail
Though always night

My world is free
My world is bright
I never have to see nor fight
Your world seems full of things to do
Wars to fight and petty battles too

Because of you I have learnt
The division between our worlds
The world of the blind
And the world of sight
Don't try to explain your world to me
For I am much happier being as I be; BLIND

Note: I wrote this poem when I was 16 and was greatly influenced by C. Cobbler's poem, "The Blind Boy" which starts, "Oh, what is this thing called light..." My mother read it to me and I memorized it at age 6. It was the first poem I learned.